Nissan has revealed that they are developing new driver-assistance technology.

It uses highly accurate system, using LIDAR along with other sensors, to provide real-time information to see around the car, thus avoiding collisions

At a Nissan facility, the test vehicle was used to demonstrate how this technology can automatically perform collision-avoidance manoeuvres.

While much of this technology is currently in use, Nissan’s “ground truth perception” technology brings the next-generation high-performance LIDAR, radar and cameras online. The sensors allow the onboard system to detect the shape and distance of objects, and a picture of surroundings. The information allows the vehicle to instantly analyse its current situation, judge and automatically perform required collision-avoidance operations. For example, the system will see and avoid an object by braking or making safe lane changes. The live information provides increased support to drivers in areas where detailed map information is not available.

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