Leaf will cost around $57,000 on the road. For a Pulsar sized car you’re going to really want to be green. Battery powered cars haven’t been around long enough in Australia to see what happens to trade-in and 2nd hand pricing so Nissan have come up with an imaginative idea which is to guarantee that price to the new buyer. We’ve seen this before with mixed success, nonetheless in the absence of any government support such as that in the US, electric cars still cost much more. Because of this, and the fact that there is far less range than regularly powered vehicles, people will really need tempting to get them to part with their dosh.

For this money you would get a Holden Calais or for much less, a VW gold GTi or other such hot hatch. The point being that were you to buy a Pulsar (which Nissan is reintroducing) you’d have $40k to spend on fuel and other running costs before you recovered the difference between is, and the Leaf. You’re also going to have to remember to plug it in, and you’ll be restricted to short city trips for the duration of ownership without hot-swappable battery packs.

My question is, who will buy them?


Nissan Leaf (2)Nissan Leaf (1)

Following the successful Australian debut of the Nissan LEAF, Nissan Financial Services Australia (NFSA) has announced a tailor made finance package to potential zero emission customers.

NFSA introduced the purchase initiative on the new Nissan LEAF with monthly repayments of just $599 with a guaranteed buyback benefit after the three-year ownership period.

“With more than 30,000 Nissan LEAF passenger cars already sold worldwide we are excited to have LEAF in Australia and expect it will quickly gain a dedicated following,” said Nissan Australia CEO, Bill Peffer.

“This attractive offer, to approved applicants, from Nissan Financial Services Australia is an ideal way for customers to own and operate a zero emission Nissan LEAF.”

“Each of our 13 LEAF dealers has reached exacting standards in order to retail LEAF and they have knowledgeable, well-trained staff who can explain this innovative, ground-breaking electric vehicle technology.”

For further information on Nissan LEAF visit Nissan.com.au/LEAF