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An early start today. Arrive for a Virgin flight to Brisvegas. Brisvegas shrouded in a thick cloak of heavy rain. A small hold up in collecting the Peugeot 508 gave us time for a late brunch. Yum We collected the 508 wagon (sedan next week) and headed off.

Weather shocking, raining cats and dogs. It turns out that the Sunshine Coast and indeed South East Queensland in general, has joined “let’s dump a years load of rain in a week” club. The whole area badly flooded, GREAT!

Headed out of Brisvegas up the Bruce Highway with Noosa Heads a few hours away. Thank god the 508 had Satnav. The roads have all changed since I used to go to Noosa every weekend so someone apart from my direction-challenged  boyfriend telling me where to go will be a plus.

Rain is getting heavier, wipers going flat chat but we’ve had to slow to 70kph. Steering feels nice and light. The sheets of water across the tarmac aren’t worrying us much as I can hear and feel the electronic nannies scrambling to make me look like a god driver.

Auto wipers and lights! These should be standard on every car. The seats have taken a while to get right but an hour into the trip and there is no numb bum to be seen. A/C is ok. We have the panoramic sunroof shut so the air copes well, but of course it’s raining, 28c outside and 98% humidity so well it should cope. Welcome to Queensland.

I prefer the auto to be in sports mode. As with most cars the normal auto mode is a bit blancmange-like. Sports mode brings a new life to the shifting and a certain sportiness to the performance. The wagon has oodles of room in the back and the cargo net is there if we need to have anything held on place. There is our usual 2 carry-on bags, the computer bag and a knapsack and it all looks a bit lost in such a big space, though not the biggest in its class.

It’s been a long day and we’ve finally arrived at the resort, it’s still raining. They say a cyclone may develop. Better keep the 508 under cover.