Gorgeous day today. Walked to Hastings Street a few minutes away for a little window shopping. Had a drink and a light bite. Love Noosa. Sat on the board walk for a while watching the sea.

There are lots of people on the beach all frolicking happily with not a care in the world.

Bought an ice cream from the gelataria on the corner of the arcade then walked back through a narrow ally to the boardwalk. It’s hot today thankfully. The last few days have been a trifle gloomy weather-wise (which is when we took the pics of the resort). Hastings Street. I remember when there were enormous dunes al along his beach but that is no more. The river was redeveloped but the developer mucked things up and the very next storm took Noosa’s beach forever. What we see now is sand pumped onto the site by the council. Not very glamorous to think the beach you sunbathe on is there by the grace of modern technology. You don’t need any greater advertising for what greed can do to the environment.

View from our balcony (1)005



Noosa Breakfree resort (2)Noosa Breakfree resort (1)

Noosa Breakfree resort (3)