NOTE:- day 5 hung out in Noosa. Nothing to report.


It’s a million degrees today. I remember now why I left Queensland. We’re meeting hubby’s mum and dad at Australia Zoo out on the old highway. In all the years we had a beach house at Marcoola/Mudjimba and drove past this zoon we never went in.

The 508 has travelled 550 k’s and hasn’t yet hit half a tank. How awesome is that? My directionally challenged hubby had some trouble with the Satnav. Mother insisted on calling a hundred times to see where we were. On one of those calls the system froze after she hung up. We couldn’t get it going again so had to stop the car and restart it. It was around that time I discovered the cup holders don’t take a standard cup and since they are on the console under the LCD screen, will spill liquid down the controls if your cup is disturbed. Even worse it completely blocks the view of the screen which is is dumb beyond belief. I always thought the position was suspect, but that was before I used an actual cup. Didn’t a little Frenchman sit in a mock-up before they put it into production? Obviously not, he was too busy having a little un vin rouge.


peugeot 508 cup holder

The bit behind the cup is the “map” section of the satnav. And just try getting repeat directions.



We arrived at the Zoo with Steve Irwin’s picture high overhead and it’s as hot as hades in the car park. Met mum and dad inside.

Saw the wombats, cuddled the Koalas and smooched a Kanga. I’d have kissed the Komodo Dragon but it would have your head off quick as look at you.

Loved the Africa Savannah. We should have caught the tram because it’s a long walk especially under the baking sun. Loved the Rhinos. They reminded me if Gina Rinehart and I just can’t think why. 

gina rhinoface - rinehartAustralia Zoo african savannah rhinos (6)

Had lunch after the show at the Crocaseum. I had very low expectations of this event but I had a ball. The Macaws, Major Mitchells and Black Cockatoo made a spectacle but the star was surely the Condor with its 1.8 metre wingspan. How did they train these birds to fly around the stadium and not just fly off into the distance. I know I would have if I was a birdie. The croc rising from the water was a sight to behold.

That Cassowary has a face only a mother could love. Patted the lazy Kanga again on the way back.

All up we spent  5 hours there and could easily have stayed longer. I had my 60 bucks worth though and was anxious to board the Pug and head north to a cold drink and cold A/C.


Australia Zoo  turtle 068 (3)