Subaru can justifiably lay claim to the fact that they started the AWD SUV revolution way back in the last century. It was in the 70’s with the Subaru Leone AWD wagon. This has now seen, in Australia, the SUV segment account for some 45% of all passenger vehicle sales and Subaru has maintained its presence in that market.

We are testing the latest version of the Subaru Outback in 2.5i Premium form. While it forsakes the current high body design trend for its traditional wagon style, the Outback is every bit as capable as its SUV counterparts and, for the most part, way more capable than many.

The 2.0D Outback was the winner in the OzRoamer AWD SUV $45,000 – $60,000 segment in 2016, and while the Subaru Outback remains relevant and has been updated, the market has moved so fast the Outback now has a few weaknesses, that I’m sure will be addressed in the upcoming model revamp.

In late 2014, Subaru launched its fifth generation All-Wheel Drive Outback Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). In early 2016, Subaru updated the Outback with more safety features including their EyeSight® system, giving us the version we have today.

I like the style of the Outback wagon. It has a presence about it and while many call it sedate, I call it subtle. The bold bonnet and chrome surround grill exude purpose without being overbearing. The sweeping headlight surrounds follow the same clever lines as in the bonnet. The front fog lights now have integrated halogen Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) and the low beam lights are LED’s too.