The Lexus LFA.

OZ got a whole 10 cars and they were all presold. I saw one down at Lexus’ head office prior to the release and from that day to this a warm, slightly wrong feeling descends upon my loins whenever I see a picture of the LFA. The sound is one from heaven itself and once heard is never forgotten.


Lexus LFA supercar (overseas model shown)

Lexus LFA features 65% carbon fibre chassislexus LFA (1)Lexus LFA undergoes testing at the Nurburgring


Rolls Royce Silver Cloud Drop Head Coupe (bodywork by Mulliner Park Ward):

I confess to only having driven the sedan but just look at it! It’s drop-dead gorgeous  Although it’s more like driving a comfy truck than a car, you will never forget a single kilometre in this beautiful old automobile.





Delorean: Every boys dream.

I know, it wasn’t a particularly good car and the bloke who was responsible for it went to jail. It could have been fabulous and who knows, one day might be re-engineered. Modern technology would have suited the Delorean. All it needed was decent handling, a decent engine, decent steering and decent air conditioning to make it really fabulous.


Delorean frontDeLorean-FrontDelorean  rear with doors open