For Part 1 of our trip to Perisher look at Subaru Snow Adventures in Perisher Ski Resort

Following a full evening and a great night sleep I decided to go for a drive in the Outback 3.6R, back down the mountain to take a look at the resort at Guthega and head down to Jindabyne for a coffee and a look around.

As the temperature was a chilly 1 degree, I quickly turned on the seat heater and let the car idle for a while to warm up.

Subaru Perisher Valley Outback 1

Overnight there was some snow and plenty of ice formed. Luckily we remembered to lift the wipers the previous evening. Removing the ice from the windscreen is a simple as pouring some cold water over it and using one of the handy Subaru ice scrapers at the resort. Remember not hot water as it will likely crack your windscre