VW Passat 2013 (2)

Do you remember the VW Passat we had about 6 months ago? We liked is a lot and when given the chance for another Passat we jumped at it.

VW Passat 2013 (12)VW Passat 2013 (3)

6 Months down the track you’ll be surprised to hear we still love it. It still feels refined to drive, elegant to look at, and divine to sit in.HERE’S THE PREVIOUS REVIEW SHOULD YOU WANT IT.

To touch on some of the highlights I should briefly mention the elegant exterior is going to appeal to we gents of a certain age. The Passat looks as if it costs far more than it actually did. That’s something few brands can manage. As well as looking like quality, it feels like quality too.

VW Passat 2013 (6)VW Passat 2013 (7)

The cabin feels beautifully made and is as elegant as I remember it. The old time analogue clock in the dash is gorgeous because we are all fed up with those cheap $2 shop Dick Smith Electronics numbers foisted onto by car companies utterly disinterested in their buyers. It’s unforgivable. Memory can be a funny thing because I thought I remembered keyless start, but it was completely and utterly not there. You know how I hate being wrong.

Two things worth mentioning are the slow and clunky Satnav and the occasional hesitation of the stop/start to start.

  VW Passat 2013 (8)VW Passat 2013 (9)

The drive of the 130TDi was actually better than I remembered. 130kw doesn’t sound like much but 380Nm of torque is the bit that kicks you in the pants at traffic lights. Since the last spin VW has upped the power from 125kw and the torque from 350Nm. I’m not convinced the average driver could pick the difference but for a modest price rise of $500, the $44,990 for the highline seems well worth it especially when you consider what else is around for the price. Last time I mentioned Holden’s Calais was $20,000 more expensive, not as well made, far less stuff in it and above all far thirstier. Even the new VF Commodore range won’t change my mind on this because even with the better interior and more kit, it will still be $20k more. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Holden, but if I was spending my own money what would I buy? Remember I’d also have to pay for my own petrol.

Would I buy a Passat diesel Highline? Yes, without hesitation if I was in the market for a smart looking exec saloon.