What cheeses me off: roundabouts

Drivers in Sydney seem to be less away of surrounding than they used to be. Maybe they just don’t give a rat’s patootie?

The ting that catches them out every single time is round abouts. Even a seemingly sensible motorist throws caution and education to the wind the second a roundabout is spotted. T

he grip on the wheel tightens, the heart pumps like a demented woodpecker, and the eyes narrow.


On a single lane, give way to other traffic on the roundabout.

On a multiple lane roundabout, the left lane goes left and the fight lane goes right. Both go straight ahead, and both have to give way to other traffic. Cars should never come close to banging into each other. So, why does it happen?

People simply don’t bother preparing prior to entering.

The find themselves in the wrong lane, so they turn left from the right lane and vice versa.

Worse still, they don’t bother checking or indicating. Everyone makes mistakes, but an element in the community just don’t care.

Here are the New South Wales rules including some graphics to show how you should indicate.

To the woman in the black Mercedes in La Perouse this afternoon, you know who you are, get off your damned phone.

Don’t be texting when entering a roundabout your feckless moron, in fact, don’t text at all.