The 208 GTi Concept is on the money and this is what will reach our shores faster than you can say drooling petrolhead.

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Peugeot love their new 208 range. I have to admit to looking forward to getting behind the wheel. I loved the 205 GTi drive. The new 208 will be far more power with the Peugeot-Mini 147KW turbo petrol which we just adore. Weight was an issue with the 207 and robbed it of much of its performance so the 208 has gone on a diet and is 90kgs lighter than the 207 Gti at a mere 1160kg. It’s also lighter than the Clio sport and the Citroen DS3 Racing.

Since handling has never been an arena in which Peugeot struggled, we anticipate a brilliant pocket rocket with fab handling and that brilliant engine. From the pictures the cabin lives up to handling expectations. It looks like Peugeot has turned it up a notch and included in every 208 coming to OZ is the new much lauded infotainment interface.

The large 7-inch touch screen on Peugeot’s all-new 208 has been awarded the Comfort Innovation of the Year award at the Automotive Interiors Expo.

Fitted as standard on all 208 models coming to Australia, the single interface groups together functions that were previously separate: radio, music, navigation, trip computer, vehicle configurations setting such as those for interior mood lighting, rear wiper linked to reverse gear, etc.

This interface offers the user continuity between their vehicle and their personal or professional life.

By making use of the jack, USB or Bluetooth connectivity, the 208 can be matched up with a portable device (telephone, tablet, multimedia player) allowing control of it from the screen or the steering mounted controls to play music or display images stored on it, or receive or make calls.

Taking smart to a new level, the mobile phone shares contact details with the navigation system, allowing guided navigation towards addresses saved in the list of contacts.

The prize is also a reward for the new generation of Peugeot Connect Apps connects services which applications have been developed to simplify the motorist’s everyday life. They now have access to very useful and up to date information: Fuel prices, availability of parking spaces, traffic conditions and weather etc.

The award was given to the 208 by a jury made up of international and influential motoring journalists as part of the Automotive Interiors Expo. Held in Stuttgart at the same time as the Automotive Testing Expo, Engine Expo and Vehicle Dynamics Expo, the exhibition brings together motor industry professionals from around the world.

So if it drives as good as it looks, and the claims live up to expectation, Peugeot may just have a huge hit on their hands.