Spring 2012: Peugeot will launch its new model in the “B segment” – small, Supermini. It will be available in two distinct body styles; 3-door and 5-door.

Today, creating a vehicle capable of appealing to and uniting a wide variety of customers with ever changing expectations, simple renewal is no longer enough.

Therefore, from the outset, the 208 Project adopted the most ambitious specification overhaul ever undertaken by Peugeot to create a vehicle which represents a true generation leap.

Peugeot has not hesitated to rewrite the rulebook, with the desire to reinvent the principles on which the success of icons like the 205, 206 and 207 were built and to “re-generate” them, to create…

“With the 208, Peugeot enters a new era.” Vincent Rambaud, Director General, Automobiles Peugeot.

“The 208 will be a milestone. This car truly marks the next step, a defining moment for Peugeot.” Alain Tranzer, Director of the 208 Project.

“The 208 is a new illustration of the Marque’s project launched two years ago, representing a new stage in Peugeot’s desire to drive itself towards ever greater modernity.” Xavier Peugeot, Peugeot Marketing and Communication Director.