Peugeot Partner Van Review

I love a big van. There, I’ve said it. I said big, and although Peugeot Partner Van is cute and functional, it is very small. Does that mean it is no good? ON the contrary, it’s a peach.

Ok, small vans aren’t quite my thing, but that is not to say you can’t have a bunch of fun in one, one way or another. I like a big, bold, ballsy van with bags of space, but I can see scope here for conversion to a camper.

How could I use Peugeot Partner Van

Peugeot Partner Van is aimed at smart delivery drivers, those who value safety. Even so, who is to say a canny buyer couldn’t get a couple of chaps around to trick it out for camping? If you’re handy, you could make this a tiny home for the road. There is a bunch of safety gear on board, and that is always one of my prime boxes to tick.

Peugeot Partner Van can carry 1,000kg of load, but that’s going to include the fat passengers. In my case, fat and old, but hey ho.

Doors on both sides allow plenty of access (watch for my twin brother Bruce in the video). Rear doors are split 60/40. They open to 90°, but with the flick of a yellow tag, will then open to 180°. They close as normal, so no faffing about.

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