Is there anything sportier, more desirable, even just a tad better than a Peugeot RCZ?

Actually, yes there is. It’s called the RCZ Peugeot Sport and it has 25 per cent more power, 250 kilograms less weight and is built specifically for the track.

Sitting low on the tarmac on its 18-inch wheels, the RCZ Peugeot Sport is the RCZ’s competition variant, and will begin its motor racing career next year within the framework of single-make championships to be run in several countries.



Built with the benefit of more the 30 years race experience at Peugeot it delivers an unrivalled quality/performance package and will sell to as many battle-hardened campaigners (who will be able to set up and fine-tune the car thanks to its data logging equipment) as gentleman racers who will savour every one of its 290 Newton metres of torque. All drivers will be won over by the precision of its chassis, its paddle gearshifts and its unequivocal brakes.




The production of a ‘premium’ customer-competition car for saloon racing is something new at Peugeot and stemmed directly from the launch of the RCZ. The combination of this model’s sculptural, innovative styling and its 1.6 Turbo Petrol engine provided a first class base for the development of a high-end racing version.

To ensure coherence with the production version, the RCZ Peugeot Sport retains the original styling hallmarks, from the bonnet and double-bubble roofline to the polished aluminium arches which contribute to the car’s contemporary, sporting stance. In addition, the race version stands out through bespoke features such as the adjustable rear wing, exterior mirrors and cockpit-cooling roof vent.

Engineering work on the RCZ Peugeot Sport began early in 2010 and the car turned a wheel for the first time at Satory in August the same year. But the RCZ Peugeot Sport will not make its competition debut until the start of 2012 following an intensive development programme which includes wind-tunnel work and running at seven different circuits. Indeed, a single RCZ Peugeot Sport ha