If I only get to drive this once i’ll be a happy man.

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It’s conceptual interior is still mighty fine.


The replacement for the 207: the cute-as-a-button 208.

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2011 has been a great year for Peugeot globally, and that points to a big 2012 for Peugeot locally. During the year now ending:

– The one-millionth 308 rolled off the assembly line.

– Peugeot put the world’s first diesel-electric hybrid into production.

– Peugeot’s market share in China grew twice as fast as the Chinese market.

– In Russia, Peugeot is up 58 per cent over 2010.

– Peugeot finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th at Le Mans.

– The number of RCZs to find buyers topped 30,000. It’s now out-selling Audi’s TT.

– The 3008 won an Australian International Design Award.

– Peugeot has enjoyed extraordinary growth in emerging international markets, especially Russia, China and Brazil.

– Agreements are being cemented to start manufacturing 170,000 cars per annum in India.

“As you can see, Peugeot is clearly on the offensive,” Vincent Rimbaud, Peugeot’s CEO, told visitors to the Frankfurt motor show.

And, according to Peugeot Automobiles Australia general manager Ken Thomas the company’s stated policy of strengthening the brand beyond the French borders – started in 2010 and growing stronger year by year – points to a big year ahead for Peugeot in Australia.

“Next year we will see the 208 and 4008 building on the considerable momentum that has been generated by the extremely successful launches of 508 and the new 308 this year, and the continuing strength of 3008 and 207.

“Along with Russia and the Ukraine, Australia will be one of the first countries to receive the 4008 SUV because of the strength of our SUV market. We will unveil the 208 at the Australian International Motor Show in Sydney in October, and both models will have a significant impact on our market share. Currently the 207 is capturing more than half of all sales of light vehicles priced above $25,000 and 208 will build further on this success both north and south of the $25k mark.

“These are not the only new products we’ll unveil next year, and with the established strength of 508 and 308 backed by a comprehensive range of other models we’re expecting a very successful 2012, despite what we predict will be extremely challenging market conditions,” Mr Thomas said.

Further strengthening Peugeot’s appeal will be the wider introduction of the Peugeot Aftercare Assured Service Plan, delivering remarkably low cost fixed-price servicing charges to owners for their first three years or 60,000 km. The Plan is being introduced across the range as new models are launched.

For your information:

– Peugeot has operations in 160 countries.

– Peugeot is Europe’s second biggest car maker with 13.9 per cent of the market.

– Peugeot is Europe’s leader in light commercials with 21.3 per cent of the market.

– Peugeot has more than 200,000 employees world-wide.


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