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Peugeots Two World Debuts at Frankfurt 2011: The 508 RXH &amp; The HX1 Concept Vehicle

For Peugeot, the product offensive launched in 2010 continues and develops in 2011 with two strategic means of leverage: internationalisation and enhanced brand positioning.

To illustrate this dynamic approach, Peugeot:

  • is deploying its diesel-electric hybrid technology on the 508 RXH following the release of the 3008 HYbrid4;
  • is unveiling the HX1, a marriage of radical styling and environmental excellence,
  • is exhibiting Peugeot’s Premium platform models: 508, 3008 HYbrid4, RCZ;
  • is reaffirming its position as automotive environmental leader,
  • is presenting its vision of the new world order in the automotive sector.


Peugeot unveils the 508 RXH, its completely individual additional model in the 508 range.

When it is released in Europe in spring 2012, a year after the launch of the 508, the 508 RXH is to be considered as a completely separate model. It is an incarnation of a modern and different upmarket range from Peugeot, both in its dimensions and its visual identity, through the choice of a unique hybrid high-tech diesel engine and electric motor with a single, lavishly-appointed trim level.

Its visual signature is enhanced by its individual front end character, flared wings, daytime running lights and a new exclusive body colour.

The same special care has played an integral role in the direction taken with the distinctive design of the 508 RXH interior, harmonising specific colours and natural materials.
With its wider track, its 18’’ wheels and raised attitude the 508 RXH has a natural stance that is inspired by its all-wheel drive capability. Furthermore, due to its HYbrid4 drive train, it offers a responsible and intelligent alternative.

Illustrating the cross-platform, modular versatility of HYbrid4 technology, the 508 RXH is, after the 3008 HYbrid4, the second of the marque’s models to receive the diesel-electric hybrid power plant.

With a combined output of 200 bhp from its 2.0 HDi FAP diesel engine and electric motor on the rear axle, the 508 RXH is able to provide for the desires for a new driving experience with a choice of four HYbrid4 modes (Automatic, “Zero Emissions Vehicle”, Sport or 4WD) and exceptional fuel economy (4.0 l/100 km (70.6 mpg) in the Combined Drive Cycle, and CO2 of 109 g/km).

Peugeot is exhibiting the 508 RXH Limited Edition at Frankfurt: in a run of only 300, individually-numbered examples in “Calern Brown” with Alcantara leather upholstery and can be pre-reserved online from the opening of the Motor Show.


The HX1, making its worldwide début in Frankfurt, is a concept for gauging interest which has a specification to seat up to six people in a vehicle with unconventional styling: robust, sporty, integrating the new brand identity, unparalleled aerodynamics, and providing a unique interior space and driving experience.

Rising to this challenge, the designers have placed adaptability at the heart of their creation: the HX1 can metamorphose to suit its environment, the driving conditions and the expectations of its occupants.

So, due to its many mobile aerodynamic parts that were designed with speed in mind, the HX1’s unusual MPV architecture, very low for a length of 4.93 m, results in an exceptional Cd of 0.28.

Its four reverse-opening doors provide access to the interior of HX1, the marque’s vision of a high-end passenger compartment, which combines elegance and modernity, natural materials and ultra-high technological specification. It offers its occupants an exceptional level of interior space, an innovative modular design with its original “4+2” configuration and provides the driver with a driving position that can be adapted to suit driving conditions.

With a combined power output of 299 bhp from the 2.2 litre HDi engine driving the front wheels and the electric motor integrated into the rear axle, its diesel-electric hybrid drive train provides the functionality of HYbrid4 technology such as four-wheel drive and the ‘all electric’ mode with an increased potential range of 30 km (18.6 miles) due to the “plug in” function.

The HX1 thus obtains an astonishingly low combined fuel consumption of 3.2 l/100 km (88.2 mpg) with impressive CO2 emissions of 83 g/km.