ANCAP has tested Polestar 2, awarding a 5-star safety score in the process.

Polestar is a new brand, after being split off from Volvo by its Chinese parent company, Geely. As a brand new brand, safety ratings will be even more important than for a long established brand, and Polestar 2 has returned good scores over all. Like its Volvo siblings, Polestar 2 has an extensive suite of active crash avoidance technologies.

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So far, 43 battery electric vehicle (BEV), PHEV, hybrid and hydrogen powered vehicles have been tested by ANCAP. Polestar 2 is the 5th to be tested using the current  ANCAP 2020-2022 criteria. It is worth noting that ANCAP and EuroNCAP share ratings and criteria, so a test in one jurisdiction is valid in the other as long as the specification in safety technology is the same.

Polestar 2 scored highly in all crash tests, with full points awarded for adult and child occupants in the side impact test. Good scores were also shown in far side impact tests and for occupant-to-occupant interaction. The Polestar 2 did not do so well in the vehicle-to-vehicle test. A penalty was awarded when occupants of a collision partner vehicle were at high risk injury when struck.

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