Polestar Diary Day 3: Today was mini-roadtrip day. I gathered up handsome Jake, who knows little about cars because he is a muso. Although the two spheres of knowledge are not mutually exclusive, in this case the disconnect was a subject of much amusement.

I have driven thousands of cars, with hundreds of interfaces ranging from the quaintly primitive, to the stupefyingly complex. As cars greedily consume the technical prowess of its white-coated creators, the back-of-house functions now mimic that of a fighter jet.

The connection between the computers and the pilot have blurred, with the once humble audio system now being redefined as “Command Central.” Drive-by-wire is now aided by sensors both internal and external, using AI to make split second life-changing decisions.

But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.

As I gaze into our future, I see predictions made by Jules Verne and Gene Roddenberry coming true. Not only is our technology more complex, but it is more beautiful. Like a Borg assimilation, controls seem like they’re from the future in an age where thought is actioned by machine.

Handsome Jake and I wended our way up the M1 with the Polestar gulping down the juice like a Seven on a bender. The cockpit is something from which you expect Picard to utter, “make it so.”

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