RAM 1500 Laramie is the top of the range in Australia. The USA gets an extra couple of models but the conversion to right hand drive would slightly prohibitive.


Although the Express starts at under 80 grand, Laramie costs slightly more, at $99,950 plus onroads. That’s a lot of tamales.

RAM prides itself on having a high level of equipment, and so it does. You can go bananas ordering gorgeous goodies from the USA catalogue too, if you really want. Everything fits right in.

The only thing you can’t add later are those handy RAM Boxes, and who doesn’t want a big solid RAM Box? They are built into the tray and sit over the wheel arches. You can fill them with no end of tasty delights, tools, guns (god forbid), or your favourite fishing gear. If you fancy a tasty cold beverage, throw in some ice and a few dozen bottle of champers.

While Ford has switched to aluminium, Ram is good old steel. The cabin has a good old feel too. All the modern goodies are present and accounted for. Uconnect 3 includes Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. You can also stream music through the USB and Bluetooth systems.

Seating is as comfortable as a lounge room, and as warn as a hug from your nan. You don’t expect a truck to feel so welcoming, but welcoming it is.

Pick-ups can be totally utilitarian, but where’s the fun in that?

The 5.7L V8 is a brute of a thing. It pumps out 291kw and a somewhat more thrilling 565Nm of torque. RAM is a true 4X4 and comes with a smooth 8 speed automatic. Steering is as light as a feather. No one wants to build up biceps while towing a 5th-wheeler, right?

I dream of towing a luxurious 5th-wheeler decked out in all the latest mod cons.

Ram 1500 is big, it is bold, and commands resp