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Many of you will have seen the Mardi Gras parade recently. I’d like to express a big thanks to Renault Australia and to Northshore Renault for registering a Megane Floride Convertible for the occasion. We handed the car back still glittering from the night. The car carried some of the very marchers from the first protest march in 1978. I was chuffed to see the Renault as the first vehicle in the parade.

The Floride CC was originally destined for Sydney’s Lord Mayor Clover Moore and Alex Greenwich MP but when Mardi Gras asked us if we minded if the Megane led the parade, we said yes.

Thankfully the rain held off and once again Fred Nile was denied yet another mass wet Tshirt contest. Oh how he doesn’t see the irony.

I wanted to make a few observations of the Floride as our drive was limited:

The Good: 5 things

· Attractive retro interior

· Cvt smooth

· Smooth easy to use folding metal top

· Super comfy ride

· Comfy seats

The not so good: 5 things

· 103kw engine needs more power for such a heavy car

· some of the plastics didn’t feel quite right

· Steering wheel doesn’t adjust out far enough

· When wet roof opens, water tips into the boot

· Metal roof takes most of the boot (common with all metal folding roofs)

Renault floride cc

*1,997 cc 2.0 litres 4 cyl petrol

*Emission control level EU5, 187 (g/km) carbon dioxide level

*6.5 star greenhouse rating, 6.5 star air polution rating and 3.5 star GVG rating

*Fuel consumption : 10.8 (l/100km) urban/city, 6.5 (l/100km) country/highway, 8.1 (l/100km) combined and 741 km vehicle range.
*Power: 103 kW , @ 6,000 rpm; 195 Nm @ 3,750 rpm primary.

Price $45,990