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Renault was the eleventh biggest automaker in the world by production volume, with 50.5% of sales coming outside of Europe. Renault is known around the world for the quality of their small cars especially sporty hatchbacks. Find all the best gay Renault reviews and news at gay car boys.

1103, 2017

Geneva Car Design Awards: Renault Trezor Concept Car of the Year

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The Renault Trezor scoops the Concept Car Design of the Year award from a judging panel made up of the world’s top car designers The Renault Trezor is an all-electric GT that embodies the styling cues and technologies set to feature on upcoming Renault models The Renault Trezor has been [...]

1612, 2016

<a href="">Renault&rsquo;s Quite Koleos</a>

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    The formula is simple: safe, spacious, comfort, in a tasteful exterior with a luscious cabin. Many have tried, but most have churned out the mediocre, bordering on dull. I like the ample bosom of the Koleos. It is considerably larger than the old model. Outgoing Koleos (mm) All-New [...]

1810, 2014

<a href="">M&eacute;gane Convertible: Topless and proud of it</a>

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Yes Yes Yes oh YES: open top, great audio, great on the open road Oh dear me no: feels heavy in corners, CVT, thick rear end As you all know, I like a bit of a convertible. There is nothing like an open road, the wind in the hair, and [...]

710, 2014

<a href="">Clever Clio RS: A Cute and Quick Renault</a>

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YES YES YES oh YES: sexy inside and out, snappy performance, a brilliant drive Oh dear me no: no manual, slightly slow EDC auto What a cracker! Once, Hot Hatches conjured images of fake Burberry set caps at jaunty angles, loud exhausts, and beards fashioned into faint outlines on a [...]

1709, 2014

<a href="">Renault GT220: A Delicious Hatch That&rsquo;s Just on the Boil</a>

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  Yes Yes Yes oh YES: sexy, fast, ultra smooth engine, great gearbox, fabulous ride Oh dear me no: no reverse camera on pov-model, hard-to-use muti-function control stalk, poorly placed cups holders. I love French cars. I love their quirks, which in any other cars would be annoying. They are [...]

104, 2014

<a href="">Renault Floride Leads the 2014 Sydney&rsquo;s Mardi Gras Parade</a>

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Many of you will have seen the Mardi Gras parade recently. I’d like to express a big thanks to Renault Australia and to Northshore Renault for registering a Megane Floride Convertible for the occasion. We handed the car back still glittering from the night. The car carried some of the [...]

3108, 2011

<a href="">Australians Find Driving to Work More Stressful Than Being at Work</a>

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  A survey commissioned by Renault Australia has revealed that 83 per cent of Australian drivers find driving to work more stressful than being at work. This statistic rises to 90 per cent for those who commute more than one hour each day. The Renault Latitude stress survey1 asked Australian [...]

3008, 2011

<a href="">Hot Hatches at 20 paces: Merlin, Lady Jess and WRX. What do they have in common? WRX, Mito, Megane and Golf tee off together.</a>

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A friend decided it was high time he got another set of wheels. His previous hot hatch developed a “personality” early in the piece, but the Peugeot GTi 180 was the business when it came to speed and handling, or at least it was ok for the time. After the [...]

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