For years we have wondered if speed cameras actually do anything to lower our road deaths. Here is a graph you might find interesting. The countries with the lowest death tolls are the ones with the highest driver education standards. Interestingly some of the countries with the lowest death tolls have the highest speed limits. Germany is a case in point. The famous Autobahns are partially unlimited. If speed kills, then with a higher population than Australia, therefore more cars and more drivers, you would think they would have more accidents, but they don’t.Deaths per capita only tell part of the story. It stands to reason if the roads are more crowded, the risk of dying is higher because there are more fast things to run into each other.

This doesn’t seem to be the case does it. In Sweden where two safety obsessed car makers, SAAB and Volvo, make their brilliant cars, the tolls per million are the lowest. They also have better driver training. The USA on the other hand has a dreadful record.  So the Australian governments are increasing the fines and the number of speed cameras in order to “save lives”. These stats show the countries with the newer fleets, better educations and higher speed limits have lower tolls. In some countries students must complete many hours behind the wheel of simulated cars before ever being allowed to enter the real thing.

It sure beats the hell out of being stuck behind an L plater for 40 k’s at 80kph in a 100 zone. Instead of yet another junket to study nonsense, we should send the entire government to Sweden. Although it has to be said that the UK is also camera obsessed. Perhaps its just a bunch of anal retentives who like a good perve!

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