SAAB 9 5 rear


SAAB is struggling to stay alive. The last 12 months has seen a change of ownership for the innovative car maker. After the sale by GM to Spyker, SAAB has not really had a chance to get going. First there was a stoppage at their factories due to unpaid bills to suppliers. Then another stoppage due to a shortage in parts supplies and now, who really knows.

It’s reported that Spyker will hand over most of its control to 2 Chinese financiers. It might be enough to stave off disaster, but will it be in time.

SAAB chiefs issued orders that the plant be ready to restart production at full speed once their problems are sorted.

"What’s important for us is to return to production, and what is needed for that is to get an agreement with the suppliers for the material to be delivered to the plant in a coordinated way," spokeswoman Gunilla Gustavs told the Swedish press.

They seem to be upbeat but I’ll bet there are some sleepless nights being had in the Scandinavian country.


Keep your fingers and everything else crossed because the loss of a company like this would be a travesty!