Things over at SAAB are not going so well. Their production had stopped for financial reasons a few months ago. The Chinese stopped by and helped out by buying a few cars and giving the parent company a bit of a cash injection. Sadly, while the cat was away, the mice got bored and stopped making parts so SAAB now has no bits with which to make the delicious new 9-5 sedan.

It’s all very sad. However, SAAB owners are like Peugeot owners, a bit odd. They’ll see the pesky delays as nothing more than a slight inconvenience. This would drive a lesser mortal to pull thickets of hair out by the roots and taking to their beds for the duration. It’s new customers who might feel mostly annoyed.

Let’s hope this is just a little glitch because things are looking rosy with new models planned. It would be a shame to see SAAB fall at the last post.