Rolls Royce recently unveiled their bespoke coachbuilt Boat Tail. The somewhat impractical Roller comes in an at equally impractical £20mill price. It is about as posh as personal transport gets. It was often said that the loudest thing in a Rolls Royce cabin was the ticking of the clock, so it seems only right the 3 Boat Tails will have a watch to match.

In fact, they come as a his and hers matched duo by Horologists, Bovet. Hubby and wife get a tasty timepiece housed in a BOVET 1822’s patented Amadeo case. What is that I hear you ask? It allows the watch to be worn around the wrist, or around the neck or as a pocket watch. If that is far too common, you can use it as a table clock, or mounted proudly in the Boat Tail’s dashboard as the car’s own clock.