Citroën C3 Aircross VS LEXUS UX

The world is continuing its move away from passenger cars of old towards SUVs. Vale The Passenger Car.

All the big players are stuffing market gaps left and right, and everyone else has to follow.

I’m constantly amazed at the things designers do with a two-box design. Manicured interiors combine a touch of the masculine with the practicality of the feminie.

Here are two new small SUVs, Citroën’s brand new C3 Aircross, and the UX from LEXUS.

Cue wistful music while I look longingly into the distance.

These is two takes on the same subject from a slightly different point of view. One, a Lautrecian comment on modern life, and the other with nods to origami. Folds and creases blend and meld as if just being turned out on to a table by unseen hands.

Citroën once made uber-luxury cars like the DS and SM, but has metamorphosed in to some altogether more bread and buttery..

LEXUS, is Toyota saying to the world, “Luxury isn’t a German word”.

As we move towards electrictrification, small engined, fuel efficient cars shoehorn themselves into the gap created by a charging infrastructures even Edison would laugh at.


Citroën has a single model. It has a 1.2L 3 cylinder turbo with an impressive 6.6L/100k. It drives the front wheels through a 6 speed conventional automatic. It looks either super cute, or like it was designed by Picasso after a big night out, depending on your point of view.

On the other hand, LEXUS UX has 3 drivetrains, a 2.0L petrol FWD, and a hybrid driving either the front wheels, or all four, you choose. To add to the fray, there are 3 grades: Luxury, F-Sport and Sports Luxury. Drivetrains use a CVT automatic which has no physical gears as such. That might will kill the car as an option for some.