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BMW Group Australia unveils updated and enhanced 3 Series Sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo

  • Enhanced standard specification and updated pricing across entire BMW 3 Series range, including Touring and Gran Turismo (GT), offering even greater value and substance
  • New inclusions spanning aesthetics, driving dynamics, safety features and innovation provide greater substance
  • Wealth of added features bolster 3 Series Sedan, Touring and GT’s appeal and status within premium mid-sized sedan segment
  • A choice of character lines – Sport and Luxury – now offered as standard on 316i Sedan, 318d Touring, 320i Sedan, Touring and GT and 320d Sedan and GT, while 335i and ActiveHybrid 3 Sedan customers can select between the M Sport package or enhanced Luxury Line at no cost
  • Head-Up Display, Rear View Camera, Lane Change Warning, front and rear Parking Sensors, Surround View with Top and Side View and Exterior Mirrors with Anti-dazzle Function among technological additions
  • Safety highlighted  through inclusion of Driving Assistant, featuring Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Warning with Light Braking Function and Approach Control Warning
  • Already elegant design further defined through Bi-Xenon Headlights, and upgrade to either 17, 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels as standard equipment, depending on model
  • Advanced convenience for driver and passengers thanks to BMW Comfort Access keyless entry, including contactless opening of the tailgate, now standard on 328i Sedan/Touring, 335i and Active Hybrid 3 Sedan
  • Driving dynamics boosted through incorporation of Adaptive M Suspension for most  models, providing greater agility, cornering precision, improved ride and a more athletic appearance with suspension lowered by 10mm

A cornerstone of the BMW brand, the updated BMW 3 Series Sedan, Touring and Gran Turismo (GT) draws upon the legacy of its ancestors, delivering a holistic driving experience built on the platforms of prestige, elegance and performance.

Providing even greater substance with the inclusion of a wealth of added standard features, and offering remarkable luxury in the mid-sized segment, the updated BMW 3 Series Sedan, Touring and GT reaffirms the qualities long associated with the company’s famous roundel.

Enhancements span a range of aesthetic, safety and technological inclusions designed to improve the motoring experience, re-establishing benchmarks for driving prowess, elegance and comfort.

BMW Group Australia Head of Product and Market Planning Shawn Ticehurst hailed the BMW 3 Series update as a significant boost for the range ahead of a landmark year for the storied model.

“Over the last 40 years, the BMW 3 Series has established itself as the most iconic model in our history,” Ticehurst said.

“With its progenitors establishing the blueprint for dynamic driving in the mid-sized premium segment, the 3 Series has a very proud heritage and we have built on that.”

Ticehurst added: “This enhanced BMW 3 Series line-up now stands as the most comprehensive update we’ve released on any range in recent times, with fresh inclusions as standard across a host of areas, including safety and technological innovations.

“This exceptional level of substance and value affirms the BMW 3 Series as a compelling proposition in anyone’s language.”

Providing scope for added personalisation, and bolstering visual interior and exterior appeal, the Sport and Luxury character lines will now be available as a no-cost-option on the 316i Sedan, 318d Touring, 320i Sedan, Touring and GT, and 320d Sedan and GT. Character lines are already standard on the 328i models.

The M Sport package and Luxury line, with upgraded 19-inch alloy wheels and interior trim featuring Fine-wood Burled Walnut with inlays and Pearl Gloss Highlights, will meanwhile feature as a standard option on the 335i and ActiveHybrid 3 Sedans.

Driver and passenger safety take primacy with the inclusion of a number of BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems and functions developed to guard against risk and provide peace of mind. These include Head-Up Display, Rear View Camera, Surround View with Top View and Side View, Lane Change Warning as well as Driving Assistant functions.

Highlighted by camera and sensor-based Lane Departure Warning and Approach Control Warning, and Pedestrian Warning systems, Driving Assistant detects lane markings and warns of an unintentional lane change. The system also provides alert of a potential collision with a vehicle, object or pedestrian ahead, and conditions brakes for a faster response.

The BMW 3 Series’ sporting credentials are enhanced with the inclusion of Adaptive M Suspension in all models from the 320i/d Sedan and GT, and 318d Touring, reinforcing its dynamic driving characteristics and athletic styling.

Drawing upon the elegant sportiness for which the models have been celebrated throughout their history, the already visionary aesthetics of the BMW 3 Series Sedan, Touring and GT are enhanced with the introduction as standard of Bi-Xenon Headlights and alloy wheels ranging from 17 to 19-inches.

The updates to the BMW 3 Series Sedan will further bolster the appeal of the 316i, reinforcing its unique status within the mid-sized luxury landscape. With its already widely regarded practicality and elegance now accompanied by an impressive array of standard equipment, the updated 316i consolidates its unique positioning in the premium segment.

Pricing for the BMW 3 Series GT will also be adjusted as part of the revamped range, magnifying the draw of the 328i GT, 320i GT and 320d GT.

Updated BMW 3 Series Sedan and Touring in detail

Technological innovations advancing driver and pedestrian safety

BMW’s emphasis on active safety and intelligent driver assistance assumes even greater prominence in the updated BMW 3 Series Sedan, Touring and GT with Head-Up Display, Rear View Camera, and Surround View with Top View and Side View among the innovations included across the range.

These introductions neatly complement the arrival as standard of the ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance package, which guards both occupants and pedestrians via an impressive suite of technological innovations, including Lane Change Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Pedestrian Warning with Light Braking Function and Approach Control Warning.

Through two radar sensors located at the rear of the vehicle, the Lane Change Warning advises the driver of potential risk in overtaking situations, monitoring traffic in adjacent lanes. With the dual sensors range extending from a vehicle’s ‘blind spot’ to a distance of 60 metres behind the vehicle, the information accumulated assists the driver in navigating potentially perilous terrain, conveying warnings through the instrument panel, an LED icon on the exterior mirror and the slight vibration of the steering wheel.

Active at speeds over 70 km/h, the Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and advises the driver of an unintentional lane change through vibrations in the steering wheel and a visual warning in the instrument cluster. Using image processing technology to calculate the car’s position relevant to lane markings, the camera scans the road 50 metres ahead and reacts appropriately to the current driving situation, even in bends or narrow lanes.

Pedestrian Control Warning with Light Braking Function and Approach Control Warning identifies the potential for an impending collision through visual and acoustic warnings, and between 10km/h and 60km/h, conditioning the brakes for maximum deceleration, before automatically applying the brakes lightly should the need arise.

Distinctive BMW dynamics

The 3 Series Sedan and Touring’s trademark 50:50 axle load distribution, rear wheel drive and intelligent lightweight construction is augmented by the inclusion of Adaptive M Suspension as standard in all models from the 320i/d and 318d Touring.