Meet the new Lotus Emira

Emira adds a Ferrari-esque take to the British carmaker’s mid-engined coupe.

It builds on Elise, Exige and Evora, and adds some high-tech build and design. The body has a bonded aluminium chassis to give Emira best-in-class ride and handling, according to Lotus.


Engines have been fettled by AMG for the first time. They are a turbo 2.0L i4 4-cylinder from Mercedes Benz, and a Supercharged Toyota 3.5L V6. Power is 360hp and 400hp. The 0-100 time is under 4.5 seconds for the 1,405kg coupe.

The Emira exterior:

Emira uses cues from Evija. Emira, pronounced ‘Eh-meer-ah’, was designed by a team led by Russell Carr, Design Director, and the claim is that this new coupe pushes a new “premium” look and feel in both materials, and design.

The Lotus dimensions are: length 4,412mm; width 1,895mm; height 1,225mm; wheelbase 2,575mm.