2022 Subaru BRZ First Drive – Launch Review

After months of speculation, delay, and a considerable amount of anticipation, Subaru’s new BRZ is finally here, and it is a peach.

The outgoing model has been with us for almost a decade, and for good measure, Subaru laid on a couple to compare. This wilful excess burst into full flower on the track, where there is nowhere to hide.

The original BRZ was a success from the start, zooming to the top of the pops to become an instant classic. It must have been a terrifying act to follow, but follow it they did. At first glance, the designers appear to have been rather lazy, just laying a bit of tracing paper over a photo of the old model. But not a bit of it, it is not a matter of tossing a chintz throw over a fraying arm. BRZ is all new.

At the heart of every BRZ is that deliciously punchy flat-4. Like the rest of the design, the boxer is not just the old frock with a new pair of knickers. It is a new 2.4L unit with 173kw and 240Nm. I begged for a teeny turbo, but my prayers have gone as unanswered this time as they were last time. It might sound like a tale of woe, but there is a certain advantage to an engine that breathes on its own. There is no lag, something you can’t say about BRZ’s butcher sister, the WRX.

That brings us the next point, BRZ is a classic sports car, with proper rear wheel drive. The 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic should satisfy most tastes, and they’ve been given a bit of spit and polish as befits one of the very few sports coupés in the segment.

All 500 units offered in the first sitting were snapped up in moments. Diners for the next sitting will be able to register interest soon. Inchape PR manager, Chloe Fraser, was unable to confirm numbers and timing but assures us that announcements are imminent.

Full Specifications HERE: MY22 Subaru BRZ Specs