We’ve been inundated with an email about whether or not someone should buy an SUV or a wagon.

“I want to sit high,” he said. “I don’t like SUVs,” he said. “I want lots of space,” he said. I think most people know what they want, they just want reassurance. However, this boy didn’t know if it was 2.30 or January.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

Space – how much of it do you need? Are you a camper or a shopper? Maybe you want to dump a load in your back space. Have you got wet suits and scuba gear to consider. If you have camping accoutrements and muddy things, do you want them on pristine carpet.

Use – We’ve covered some of that already but let’s go further: buy a car for your lifestyle, not the lifestyle think you have. You may think you’re Bear Grilles, but the lifestyle is probably more Yogi Bear, with a loaded basket being the biggest load you’ll take on.

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