Here are a few stray shots from our recent story on the 370Z We weren’t going to publish them but some of them are quite interesting and we thought you might like them anyway.


nissan 370 z night  (6)

Here’s something you don’t see every day. Of course the blue thing is the Nissan 370z but are there any takers for what’s in the background? You’ll never guess in a million years. These two massive supports hold the huge pins that support the old Coat Hanger. here’s another shot during the way. You can see the far side of the bridge circled in red (BELOW) is where the massive weight of Sydney Harbour Bridge rests on two pins on either end of the bridge. The huge granite pylons DO NOT support any of the weight and are merely. Who knew?



The south pylon of the Harbour Bridge. Nice hunk of Granite.

nissan 370 z night  (7)

It’s a long way up to the road deck from down here.

nissan 370 z night  (8)


nissan 370 z night  (1)nissan 370 z night  (4)

That’s the the Sydney Opera House peaking through cheekily under the bridge. It’s nice to see Sydney saves some electricity by turning off most of the lights after midnight. The land marks take on a spooky glow making them look even more spectacular. If you look really hard here you’ll see the arch doesn’t touch the huge granite pylons at either end.

nissan 370 z night  (3)nissan 370 z night  (2)nissan 370 z night  (5)nissan 370 z night  (6)