Sydney Australia Wins Gay World Pride 2023

Bring out the dancing queens, Sydney has won the rights to WorldPride in 2023 becoming the first city in the southern hemisphere to ever host the major international LGBTQI event. Congratulations Sydney this is going to be an event not to be missed. 

What’s all the fuss about? World pride is a global event that unites LGBTIQ and Pride communities from across the globe bringing them all under one banner to one location and in 2023 that place is going to be Sydney.  

2023 is also a major milestone year, it is Australia’s 50th Anniversary of the first Gay Pride Week. We also celebrate our 45th Anniversary Mardi Gras Parade and the 5th Anniversary of Marriage Equality so the celebrations are going to be colourful and wild!

Gay World Pride is our opportunity to show our appreciation to those who have gone before us to blaze a trail of freedom that we often take for granted. That night in 1978 when a few hundred people gathered for a street party in Darlinghurst Sydney that ended with 53 arrests and violent police beatings. That night was to be dubbed “Sydney’s Stonewall”

I am so excited and proud of where our country has come in the space of a few decades, there is still much to do at home and globally to make our world a safer more inclusive place of love for all. Together, we will stand in pride given the opportunity to listen and learn from some of the most isolated LGBTIQ+ communities in the world. Many of our closest neighbouring countries do not have the same level of equality and human rights as we do. We will celebrate our victories as one and inspire the lives of the free to be who we are into the future on a global scale. 

It is a time to become futurists joining arms with our brothers and sisters still struggling for basic freedoms and human rights. This is a time where all Australians can stand up and show our compassion and make love infectious. 

We must come together as a truly global movement to stand together united in the pursuit of equality for all of us, everywhere. 

Paul Savage – Regional Director Interpride

Book your hotels, pull up a piece of floor or make contact with that “friend” you only ever talk to when you need a place to stay in Sydney and do it now! Predictions are the event will pack Sydney to the brim with over a million global visitors, bearing their own unique colour of the flag that is the symbol of our unified global pride.