10 03, 2014

Alfa Romeo MiTo: A good looking Italian Twink who needs a firm hand

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  Yes yes yes OH YES: good looking, stylish interior (for a cheaper car), good handling Oh dear me no: Horrible 0.9L twin air, twin clutch not up to par, 5speed in 1.4L, too expensive Like all twinks, MiTo is cute and eager, if a little lacking in some areas. Being Italian, he has a certain amount of flair but [...]

30 08, 2011

Hot Hatches at 20 paces: Merlin, Lady Jess and WRX. What do they have in common? WRX, Mito, Megane and Golf tee off together.

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A friend decided it was high time he got another set of wheels. His previous hot hatch developed a “personality” early in the piece, but the Peugeot GTi 180 was the business when it came to speed and handling, or at least it was ok for the time. After the last bolt rattled loose and the last electrical circuit committed [...]