5 01, 2012

Bentley Sales Bounce Back

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Global sales up 37% with 7003 deliveries to customers December sales (1059 cars) - best single month since recession and second highest ever America still Bentley’s number one market with sales up by over a third to 2021 China confirms number two status with sales virtually doubling to a record 1839 All major markets increased with Europe up by over [...]

13 12, 2011

The New Bentley Continental V8 Range

By |2011-12-13T12:49:38+10:00December 13th, 2011|Gay Car News|0 Comments

http://youtu.be/-Yti9FpSBJU New Continental GT and GTC V8 models will debut at the North American International Auto Show, Detroit (January 2012) Exceptional power-to-emissions ratio combined with classic Bentley power and torque from new 4.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine Fulfils Bentley’s environmental commitment to a new powertrain delivering a 40 per cent improvement in fuel efficiency and CO2 emissions Advanced technologies include [...]