5 12, 2018

Peugeot 2008 Allure 2018 Driven and Rated

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2018 Peugeot 2008 Allure Road Test, Review SUV, or not to SUV, that is the question, but is 2008 the answer? Peugeot is the world’s oldest car brand, so why is Peugeot is one of those brands that is so often overlooked? It has had some dubious quality and design in the past, but for the last few years, [...]

28 11, 2018

MG ZS Excite 2018 Driven, Reviewed and rated

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  MG ZS 2018 Review and rating and Road Test Intro What do the letters MG conjure in your mind? For most of us, it is probably a small open-top sports car. It will have wire wheels, a wood dash, lots of chrome, and style by the truckload. There’ll be a stylish driver in a jaunty cap, aviator sunglasses [...]

15 11, 2018

2018 McLaren 540C Video Review

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McLaren 540C road tested and rated I don’t like most super cars. There, I’ve said it. I find most of them crass and tasteless. Their hideous lines, ludicrous price, and horrendous reliability appeal to a conspicuous consumer interested only in consumption for the sake of it. Then something comes along that is pure expression; that of beauty, of speed, [...]

9 11, 2018

LEXUS LX 450d Reviewed and rated

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 2018 LEXUS LX 450d Review and rating Intro If you think LEXUS LX 450d and 570 look spookily like Toyota’s Landcruiser, you’re right. In fact, they are sister cars. LEXUS took the Toyota and gave it a bit of spit and polish. A huge spindle grille might work on the sleek front of sexy little IS sedan, but the [...]

29 10, 2018

I drive McLaren’s 540C and rate it

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2018 McLaren 540C drive, Road Test, Review, and rating. Introduction Subtle, discrete, quiet, said no-one ever about McLaren’s 540C. It is lithe, nimble, quick, and light, but above all, fabulous. I could go on and on about the looks and feel, but there is absolutely nothing that will prepare you for the assault on the senses once the engine [...]

23 10, 2018

Honda 2019 HR-V RS Road-test, Rating, and review

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2019 Honda HR-V RS is given a thorough once-over Honda HR-V RS is an impressive little SUV, that drives almost like a hatch. It sits second from the top of the HR-V 4 model lineup. It has sporting aspirations, but to call HR-V sporty might be a stretch too far. Let me explain: HR-V, like most SUVs, is a [...]

7 10, 2018

I drive and rate Toyota’s 2018 Camry Ascent Hybrid

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2018 Toyota Camry Ascent Hybrid Road Test, Review 2017 Toyota Camry SL Buying a a hybrid once signaled a level of smugness that could be measured in light years. Now, cars powered at least partially by batteries are commonplace. The taxi fleet switched from LPG to hybrid once the fossil fuel industry shot itself in the foot [...]

14 09, 2018

2019 Mazda MX5 Launch Review

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 2019 Mazda MX5 update, Road Test, launch Review Intro A shade under 30 years ago, Mazda released the first MX5. It became a cult classic with some of those early cars fetching more now than they did then. Mazda just rolled out the second MX5 update this year, and it brings some of the features we have been wanting [...]

10 09, 2018

2019 Subaru Forester road test Launch VIDEO Review

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2019 Subaru Forester Launch Review and road test Intro Subaru launched the 5th generation Forester in beautiful rural Victoria, a place where Forester will feel right at home. The new Subaru Global Platform (SGP) allows sharing of technology, build quality, and handling improvements like those found in the XV and Impreza. An already excellent car just got better. All [...]

6 09, 2018

2018 Ram 1500 Road Test and Review

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2018 Ram 1500 Road Test, Review Intro We’ve all been calling it a Dodge Ram, but a decade ago, Ram Truck Division was spun off from the Dodge sub-parent by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and is now known simply as RAM. The late Sergio Marchionne was credited with bringing the American-Italian car maker from the brink. In Australia and New [...]