4 04, 2021

Will Bird Electric Hire Scooter Change the Game

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Will Bird Electric Hire Scooter Change the Game Imagine you want to make a quick run to the shops or a schlepp to the station and you’re not feeling like a walk. Perhaps you just want to take a spin out in the fresh air. What do you do? Hire a nifty electric scooter of course.

4 07, 2017

Leitner E-bike Review

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A few years ago, I decided I needed a way to make very short trips quickly. There is the car of course, but it seems wasteful. In a time where people are becoming aware of the resources they consume, it occurred to me that there must be another way. There is a need in modern society to get from one mode of transport to another, or to complete a journey not using a car. And, Is there a way to get around without a licence?