29 04, 2014

Honda CRV Diesel: Comfy and economical.

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  Buying a c is more than just handing over cash, it’s really all about buying a life style. Even people who don’t consider themselves car people want to spend their money wisely. We’ve all heard people say “I just want a vehicle that gets me from A to B” but that’s a load of old cobblers. Give them a [...]

12 08, 2013

Ford’s Kuga: A Focus in a butcher frock

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  What’s going on? What’s with the veritable flood AWD’s, 4WD’s and 2WD SUV’s? Why are almost a third of all vehicles sold in Australia of this ilk? Australia seems amidst a love affair that is only going one way, up. In this vein, a substantial numbers of cars we’ve driven in the last few years have been SUV-like but [...]

10 06, 2013

Kia Sportage’s unfair advantage: It’s GORGEOUS, nimble, good value and, oh, GORGEOUS

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Let’s take a moment to do a quick walk round the stunning Kia Sportage. It’s yet another Kia that managed to look almost exactly like the concept drawing. It’s the sort of thing a proud schoolboy would doodle on his pad when he is meant to be doing biology, or maybe that was just me. The chunky body sits slanting [...]