29 03, 2017

New Ford GT: fast and furious

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DEARBORN, Mich., Mar. 28, 2017 – There once was a time when owning a supercar meant compromise. Undeniably, the thrills were real, but the effort required to operate many a high-performance machine could overwhelm. With the all-new Ford GT, there is no such tradeoff. Ford Performance engineers set out to ensure being behind the wheel of the 647 horsepower carbon [...]

18 02, 2013

Return of a Hero – First fully Ford-assembled GT Completed at Broadmeadows Assembly Plant as FPV Moves In-house

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          First fully Ford-built GT completed at Broadmeadows Assembly plant after 37 years All FPVs hand finished in dedicated FPV assembly area separate to main production line Silhouette GT sedan first FPV assembled at Broadmeadows MELBOURNE, Australia, 18 Feb, 2013 – Ford welcomed the return of a hero today with the reveal of the first fully [...]