6 07, 2019

Glamping: 2019 Caddy Beach Kombi-type Camper Video Review

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VW Caddy Beach Video Review Volkswagen Caddy Beach: The Kombi for the New Millennium Why Caddy Beach? In the 30’s Volkswagen was born. A single model, the Type 1, was carefully nurtured, and it grew. It spawned even more models. And lo, it [...]

16 04, 2011

SUV’s: Soccer mums and their cars that we love to hate

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SUV’s: love them or not, they are here to stay Loved or loathed, SUV’s are here to stay. SUV is the term Americans gave to a broad range of utility vehicles in different body styles but most of which should be more accurately described as All Wheel Drive rather than 4 Wheel Drive. Is there any real difference? Yes there [...]