25 10, 2019

Homophobic Attacks on The Rise in Uganda

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Homophobic Attacks on The Rise in Uganda Uganda is a country where the human rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) community have been eroded by anti-gay legislation.  The Uganda constitutional court nullified the Anti-homosexuality Act in August of 2014. According to Sexual Minorities Uganda  (SMUG) in August 2019, Hon. Simon Lokodo, the Minister of State for [...]

11 07, 2019

LGBTQ Communities Uniting Against Breast Cancer

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LGBTQ people uniting to tackle breast cancer is the focus of a new pop-up exhibition in Surry Hills. Presented by ACON, NSW’s leading LGBTQ health organisation, Our United Front: In Pictures is a photography exhibition that celebrates the strength and resilience of LGBTQ communities, and the importance of community support in facing issues together. It showcases images and stories [...]