13 11, 2011

5 favourite pieces of Auto tech this year.

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1: Volvo forward camera. The R design shown here in a left-hander shows the TV screen at the centre of the Volvo drivers’ universe. Take your eyes off those nifty blue dials for 20 seconds and cast it over the simple console. Its elegance is the key to its simplicity, perhaps not more than you expect from the country who [...]

31 10, 2011

Incar GPS: is the huge price worth it?

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navigon on Iphone Navigon on Iphone   You’ll have read over the last year about my changing opinion on Incar-GPS systems. I have always thought the gargantuan price car makers want isn’t justified by the use-ability of their units. But the marketers are a tricky bunch so they bundle the Satnav together with other integral features.. The In-car GPS units [...]