13 11, 2011

5 favourite pieces of Auto tech this year.

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1: Volvo forward camera. The R design shown here in a left-hander shows the TV screen at the centre of the Volvo drivers’ universe. Take your eyes off those nifty blue dials for 20 seconds and cast it over the simple console. Its elegance is the key to its simplicity, perhaps not more than you expect from the country who [...]

9 05, 2011

Honda Legend, their best kept secret. Could Gay Execs give up their BMW’s for one?

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Honda Legend 2011 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL I was chatting to my man in Honda the other day. I said Australia is big, very big and our cars need to be super comfy. With petrol at $1.50, they need by OK on the juice too. Ms Honda said “oh well the 6 cylinder Honda accord made it from Sydney [...]