15 05, 2019

Honda HR-V VTi-LX Video Review

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Honda HR-V VTi-LX   Honda HR-V VTi-LX Overview   Honda’s SUV/crossover portfolio is not big. There is just a pair of weekend-joy potentials, will Honda fall behind the crowd?   HR-V is their small SUV more like a sporty hatchback than big [...]

13 05, 2019

Honda HRV VTI-LX Video review

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Like most car makers, Honda saw the writing on the wall. Passenger cars are in a slow but steady decline. Buyers are moving more and more to SUV or crossover style vehicles for their space, comfort, and high driving position. HR-V is the Japanese car maker’s second best seller behind the laudable CR-V. https://youtu.be/0HaJmdxti2o Outside: This VTI-LX is the [...]

23 10, 2018

Honda 2019 HR-V RS Road-test, Rating, and review

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2019 Honda HR-V RS is given a thorough once-over Honda HR-V RS is an impressive little SUV, that drives almost like a hatch. It sits second from the top of the HR-V 4 model lineup. It has sporting aspirations, but to call HR-V sporty might be a stretch too far. Let me explain: HR-V, like most SUVs, is a [...]

5 04, 2018

2018 Honda Civic Type R Review

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You hear that? That’s the sound of my pulse racing. It’s an undeniable reaction when you jump into a Honda Civic Type R. I mean, who doesn’t get excited at the prospect of driving a hot hatch? This is the 10th generation of the iconic Honda hatch priced from a reasonable $50,990. It has different look than previous versions, [...]

16 02, 2018

2018 Honda CR-V VTi-L Review

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The seven-seater version of the Honda CR-V came out towards the middle of last year, much to the delight of large families everywhere. The VTi-L is the highest grade available with seven seats and at one tier off the top it’s not a bad option for a people mover, or emergency ‘bus’ for unexpected passengers. It really makes for [...]

22 01, 2018

2018 Honda Accord V6L Review

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With Honda deciding not to continue the V6 variant in the next model refresh, this may be the last chance to drive the Accord with the bigger engine. The Japanese maker is planning to focus on smaller, turbocharged engines to headline their mid-sized sedan. At $52,590, it’s a big step up from the other model in the range, the Accord [...]

3 09, 2017

2018 Honda Civic VTI-LX Sedan Review

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Honda's sexy sedan looks brilliant. We drove the hatch version a few weeks ago. Here is the video and here is the review The sedan is the best looking of the range, don’t you think? The front of the car is shared between the two. The B pillar back is where the cnages happen. The sedan has a slightly [...]

13 08, 2017

2018 Honda Civic Hatch Local Launch Video Review

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Two fat Gentlemen bring you their usual unique flavour. They chat about the newest Honda Hatch. You'll see their likes and dislikes, as well as their take on the design elements that make up the Japanese car marker's most loved model. We reviewed the hatch here too. https://youtu.be/ymfcWLe6yQ0

1 08, 2017

2018 Honda CRV Launch Review

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Honda's next gen CRV builds on a considerable reputation for quality and value. A buyer once told me that he wasn’t looking at a Honda because it didn’t have enough tech. That might have once been true, but certainly is not the case now. The new models are crammed full of electronic goodies. Not only that but the quality [...]