23 07, 2020

We Drive Toyota’s Cute 2020 C-HR Koba Hybrid

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C-HR is youthful and exuberant, and full of fun and joy. Toyota threw caution to the wind, yet avoided the errors of the Nissan’s first Juke, an SUV just a touch smaller than C-HR. Nissan’s first attempt to be young and hip, was more nerdy and awkward, and frankly, just awful. The new Juke fixed all that. Meanwhile C-HR steamed ahead. Last month, Nissan sold 157 jukes, and Toyota shifted 1199 C-HRs for the same period.

11 05, 2020

2020 Subaru Forester HYBRID Video Review

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Above: Forest Hybrid Review 2020 Subaru FORESTER Hybrid Review If FORESTER 2.5L is a capable car on road and off, then the Hybrid is no different. What about some HOT RACING DRIVERS. Gay? Or just plain gorgeous? 10 Hottest Racing Drivers Talented Twinks – Callum Ilott Virtually Races Arthur Leclerc Handsome Mclaren Drivers at [...]

20 07, 2016

Lexus bangs out a new RX SUV and it’s a cracker, with batteries

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  Yes, yes, yes, oh YES: looks, space, quietness, economy Oh dear me no: fiddly infotainment interface, cost, no CarPlay/Android Auto It feels like a very long time since Toyota started flogging cars with batteries in Australia. I was a doubter. Back then, replacement batteries cost princely $7,500 to replace. Lack of government backing meant most buyers continued to prefer [...]