3 10, 2021

Win a Navman MiVue 150 -Unboxing, Review and Competition

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Navman MiVue 150 Safety Dashcam review, unboxing, competition This week we review Navman’s new MiVue 150 Safety. Not only do we unbox it, but we are giving away a brand new dashcam to one lucky AUSTRALIAN reader. Sadly, viewers and readers from outside Australia are not eligible.

1 01, 2021

Why Everyone Needs A NavMan DashCam

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Navman MiCam GPS and Sensor XL Q and A Cars have become smarter, crammed with ever more high-tech gadgetry. They monitor your movements, or guide you on your journey, yet most still don’t keep a video record, just in case. I’ve been running a dashcam for the last few years, and I would not be without it. Whether it is someone walking across a road distracted by their mobile, of a car turning right in front of your, the Hijinx never ends.