19 04, 2017

Imprezzive Impreza

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We love: handsome exterior, extensive equipment, Eyesight, single drivetrain option Not so much: stupid menus, difficult to access USB KISS, aka Keep It Simple Stupid, is exactly what Subaru did with the new Impreza. They took the new Global Platform, glued a 2.0L boxer engine in, attached all 4 wheels to the road via a CVT transmission and symmetrical AWD [...]

28 02, 2017

Drivemycar Gives Uber Drivers a Scoobie Snack

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Now You Can Try The Subaru’s Latest Impreza Before You Buy DriveMyCar, partnered with Subaru Australia to give savvy lookers and UberX drivers a test drive in one of 101 new Subaru Imprezas. DriveMyCar allows bith private and business drivers, including UberX drivers, access to a huge and varied range of cars at up to 62% less than traditional car [...]

21 12, 2016

Subaru’s All New Impreza is a Cracker

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Subaru’s All New Impreza is a Cracker Subaru has been quietly going about its business for ages. The latest generation of Scoobs (yes they’re all Scoobs, not JUST the Rex’s) make a good fist of entry level motoring. Colin Christie, Subaru’s OZ boss, says the company wants to expand is appeal to a new audience, including women. He went on [...]