7 03, 2018

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Review

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It’s always seemed a bit underdone compared to other offerings in the rocket powered roller skate class and on the surface, new Suzuki Swift Sport looks like maintaining the status quo. But they’re sneaky buggers in the Suzuki skunk works because the new model delivers far more than what is suggested on paper. It’s a hoot and even the auto [...]

12 01, 2018

2018 Suzuki Swift Sport Launch Review

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Suzuki has really done its homework with the all-new Suzuki Swift Sport, not just bringing to market a car that is fun to drive, but also brings all the features that car buyers in 2018 expect. And that is more than what can be said for some of the competition. External OK, we will start off with what I think [...]

11 09, 2013

“iV-4” – Suzuki’s New Compact SUV Concept Model

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    Suzuki reveals the “iV-4”  Central development theme, “Grab your field” A new proposal from the compact SUV pioneer Suzuki is pleased to announce that the world premiere of its new compact SUV concept model, the iV-4, will take place at the 65th IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2013. Since launching the LJ series in 1970, Suzuki has [...]