24 01, 2018

2018 Toyota Prado Review

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Yes, I would love to own a Toyota LandCruiser 200 Series V8 turbo-diesel, who wouldn’t? But the price is a bit of a stopper, more than a bit actually. Toyota makes it easy on a wannabe 'Cruiser 200 Series owner buy offering the smaller Prado which is a worthy little brother to the Big Kahuna and is still a [...]

8 08, 2014

FJ Cruiser: Who’s A Dirty Boy Then?

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  left Designer: Jin Kim and, right Chief Engineer: Akio Nishimura   Yes Yes Yes oh YES!: killer looks, very quiet, smooth engine and auto, brilliant off roader, X Factor Oh dear me no: No diesel, no manual, lack of tech and accessories I admit it, I’ve always had a thing for the FJ. There is just something about it [...]