29 07, 2020

VW Shows the 5 Coolest Things about Their Arteon Uber Cruiser

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VW Australia temporarily dropped Arteon from their line-up. It is due to return in the near future. We reviewed Arteon, and loved it. Here are the 5 coolest things about VW Arteon.

18 05, 2020

New VW T-Cross Now in Australia

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Volkswagen introduced T-Cross into a market segment they have not been in before. The small SUV buyers are already spoiled for choice, and is one of the few parts of the sector to see expansion, that is, before Covid-19. T-Cross is a pretty little for buyers who want a Golf, but need something higher-riding.

6 07, 2019

Glamping: 2019 Caddy Beach Kombi-type Camper Video Review

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VW Caddy Beach Video Review Volkswagen Caddy Beach: The Kombi for the New Millennium Why Caddy Beach? In the 30’s Volkswagen was born. A single model, the Type 1, was carefully nurtured, and it grew. It spawned even more models. And lo, it [...]