29 06, 2013

Volkswagen Passat TDI sets Guinness World Record for fuel economy around the 48 U.S. States

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  A TDI-powered Volkswagen Passat has conquered a drive across all US States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii, in one piece. The Passat covered a distance of 13,071 kilometers with record low fuel consumption and within 16 days. The record drive was witnessed by officials of the Guinness World Record Organization. The driver team, blogger Wayne Gerdes and engineer Bob Winger, [...]

5 05, 2013

Passat-Head Revisited

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Do you remember the VW Passat we had about 6 months ago? We liked is a lot and when given the chance for another Passat we jumped at it. 6 Months down the track you’ll be surprised to hear we still love it. It still feels refined to drive, elegant to look at, and divine to sit in.HERE'S THE PREVIOUS [...]

18 11, 2012

Passat Blue Motion: Understated Elegance With An Impeccable Edge

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  It was an accident which put me behind the wheel of the 2013 Passat Blue Motion. The car I was meant to collect had been bent by another writer. I must make a mental note to thank him. To be honest the Passat hasn’t been on my radar. GayCarBoys tends to write about cars preferred by the gay community [...]